And there is a Karma…

„Es muss alles erst schlechter werden, damit es dann besser wird“, Angela Merkel. (“Everything has to get worse in order to get better.”)

Well, these were probably not the wisest words that Angele ever uttered, but they apply at least to a lot of situations I find myself in, again and again and again.

Something bad happens to me, but only through that something good and even much better happens after that. One example. Yesterday at the Sydney Airport.

All I want is a taxi to get to my accommodation. I get into the queue, wait patiently. Suddenly, there is a second queue popping up where people who came long after me get a cab right away. Doesn’t matter, I stay calm. Before me in my queue, an elderlish lady and her adult daughter. There is a taxi officer at the front, who asks everyone how many people they are and then assigns them the number of a taxi stand.

Ok, the daughter is asked how many, she says two, taxi guy says, go to number one. A few minutes later, he asks me, I say one, he says, go to number two.

I do as told, go to number two, but while I’m starting to talk to the taxi driver at taxi stand number two, that daughter comes and says that taxi is taken. She apparently put her mother in the taxi that they were told to take, and then she just took the next one as well. Without any word of apology, or explanation, just like that.

Of course, by that time, the person who was behind me in the queue has already been assigned number three, and someone else number four, so there was no place to go than back to the end of the queue, when I heard a friendly guy at number three asking if I needed a ride into the city.

He was in Sydney for business, and gave me a complete free ride right to my destination, which was incredibly friendly and kind of him, and we had a good chat during the ride as well.

So, because that lady with her mother screwed me over and stole my cab, I ended up in a situation that at first looked bad, but then turned out to be a lot better than the initial situation could have been. And I see that pattern happening over and over again, in many variations. So yes, sometimes things have to get worse so they can get better.

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